Horse Drawn Carriage

LONDON HAS RECENTLY SEEN TWO WONDERFUL ROYAL WEDDINGS … You too can enjoy the pomp and ceremony of a magical HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGE RIDE through the historical streets of central London . Our enchanting horse drawn carriage tour lets you travel in ultimate Regal  style .

The experience begins when your uniformed professional coachmen collects you from your hotel or location of your choice in central London. The fantasy then begins at a Regal pace, taking in the Royal Parks and London’s iconic landmarks.

This tour has also proved immensely popular with guests wishing to arrive at the theatre in style. During the two hour carriage ride you will have the opportunity to stop for refreshments or a picnic in Hyde Park, whilst your carriage awaits.

Your Coachmen have had the pleasure of serving Harrods for the past twenty years, being responsible for their team of carriage horses. In this time, passengers have included many European Royalty and famous celebrities from Diana Ross to Lady Gaga.

Your coachmen are members of the Professional Carriage Masters Association (PCMA)

This tour – in a Landau open topped carriage is pulled by a pair of stunning black stallions and will accommodate up to 4 passengers.

Special tours can be arranged in another carriage for up to six people.

Please note that these tours are totally bespoke and the horses and carriage are brought in especially for your tour. This wonderful experience is not generally available to the public