The Tower of London

The Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror after the invasion of 1066. When first constructed on open farm land near the river’s edge it could be seen for miles and dominated London’s skyline for centuries. During its history it has been a castle fortress, a royal residence, an armory, the Royal Mint, the home of the Crown jewels, as well as a place of noble execution.

A visit to the Tower will give you a fascinating insight into the rich and turbulent history of this iconic building together with a view of London residents through the centuries.  A picture of the battles of rich nobles and royalty jostling for power, their successes and their downfalls.  The armor of Henry VIII, the execution square, the graves of executed Royals, the splendor of the Beefeaters … and the infamous Traitor’s Gate!

This private guided tour with one of our superb qualified guides takes you back into the history of the Tower of London and all of its secrets.